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 Help Employees Get Back to Business

Help Employees Get Back to Business

Many organizations are faced with an employee diagnosed with a serious medical condition.  The stress of that disease along with its treatment brings challenges for everyone.

The organization has an ethical and legal obligation to assist the employee in trying to recover and return to work.  This obligation comes at a price in the form of lower production and employee absences, increase in stress and workload of their co-workers, and in some cases temporary employment.

I work with the employee and reduce their time and stress spent trying to understand and communicate with their different parts of their treatment.  This allows employees to focus more on their job.  I can also step in and deal with roadblocks before complications arise.  These complications can be costly to the employee and the employer in the form of missed days.

I provide the opportunity for businesses to buy blocks of hours or plans for the employees. Contact me to learn more how I can help.