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 I Help You Stay on Target

I Help You Stay on Target


Have you been diagnosed with a serious disease such as cancer or diabetes? Are you feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to turn? Do you need help navigating or figuring out the next steps?

The truth is people forget more than 50% of what is said at doctor visits. Important information is lost which affects treatment.

I allow you to focus on getting better. I want to take the stress out of understanding the complicated healthcare system. The expertise I bring breaks downs barriers between you and your treatment. I help you to stay on target.



What People Have Said:

I felt like no one really cared or was on my side until I met [Mandy], she is the first person that listened and wanted to help.
I am not really sure how people go through big medical issues without an advocate. It is so confusing and [Mandy] really helped us understand and navigate the system.